How We Serve Clients

Different needs call for different approaches. That’s why Ellwood offers two types of engagement models, each encompassing our full suite of services.

Both models provide the quality service and unbiased guidance that drives successful decision-making.

Investment Consulting – Follows the traditional consulting model, wherein we submit investment recommendations – backed by rigorous research —allowing you to make an informed final decision.

Outsourced CIO – Enables you to outsource the decision-making and implementation. As OCIOs, we use our research platform and discretionary power to make investment decisions that fully align with your Investment Policy Statement.

Whichever approach you choose, you receive customized solutions tailored to your precise needs, complete depth and breadth of research, and ready investment access to innovative strategies.

It’s not just our service model options that set us apart, it’s also our client-centric service. You have skilled consultants as your contact points to manage all work and promptly address questions, backed by a team of dedicated research specialists.

How we serve clients? It comes down to this: engagement options that suit you best, expert advice that aligns with your goals, and client service that prioritizes you. 

Want to evaluate which is the best fit for your portfolio? Contact us.