investment insights

Knock-On Effects of Negative Interest Rates

January 2020

The 2008 financial crisis spurred central banks around the world to act aggressively by lowering policy rates close to zero and buying fixed income securities in the market, often referred to as quantitative easing. Post-recession some countries and regions were more affected than others, such as the European Union (EU) and Japan which have recovered at a slower rate than the U.S.

Observations on BBB Corporate Bonds

July 2019

Over the past decade, we have witnessed a broad shift in the riskiness of the corporate debt market. Companies have capitalized on a low interest rate environment, driven by global central bank stimulus, and issued elevated amounts of lower rated securities. 

Investment Insights: Market Forces Impacting the Yield Curve

October 2018

The U.S. Treasury yield curve has attracted a lot of attention this year as interest rates have risen. In this analysis, we outline several factors pushing the yield curve higher, as well as the offsetting forces keeping it from moving more than it already has.

Investment Insights: Bitcoin: The Basics of the Cryptocurrency Everyone is Talking About

February 2018

One of the most discussed topics in the investment world these days is bitcoin. Read our commentary to understand what cryptocurrencies are, their potential for disrupting the existing financial exchange system, and their viability for use in a diversified, institutional portfolio of assets.

Investment Insights: Emerging Markets: A Source of Viable and Sustainable Investments

June 2017

Interest in emerging markets continues to gain traction among investors – and for good reason. Read our Investment Insights commentary to understand why we encourage our clients to consider emerging markets as part of their investment portfolios.

Investment Insights: Observations on the French Presidential Election

May 2017

French presidential elections concluded recently, with En Marche! candidate Emmanuel Macron soundly defeating the populist National Front party candidate Marine Le Pen. Read our Investment Insights commentary for our takeaways.