Wealth Management Advisory Services

Solutions for wealth advisors
Ellwood’s Wealth Management Advisory Services is designed for wealth advisors who seek to streamline research and operations, have a desire to bring institutional investment opportunities to their private clients, and who want to spend more time focusing on building their client relationships.

Your in-house research team
Ellwood acts as an extension of your internal staff. Our clients tap into Ellwood’s deep bench of research and access our best thinking.

Our team will:

  • Select and provide a list of qualified managers who meet our quantitative and qualitative selection criteria
  • Provide on-going monitoring and due diligence of qualified investment strategies
  • Deliver asset allocation models developed using our proprietary capital markets assumptions
  • Attend in-person meetings with your internal wealth management staff
  • Provide our quarterly capital markets update to help you better explain market drivers to your clients
  • Present topical education and research to your team to help you keep clients informed

Our goal is to be your in-house research team and provide customized, outsourced investment solutions.