Hospitals and Healthcare

Investment Support for Hospitals and Healthcare Systems
Ellwood consults to various non-profit healthcare organizations on their investment needs. We advise:

  • Large healthcare systems
  • Regional systems and hospitals
  • Independent stand-alone community hospitals

Through our client relationships, we have encountered many unique circumstances. As a result, we apply this knowledge to all of our healthcare and hospital clients.

Customized service with a healthcare background
The various programs within healthcare system and hospital investment structures require a high degree of customization and individual analysis. A thorough understanding of the operating environment, related liabilities, and liquidity leads to an accurate understanding of needs.

Once we understand your program’s circumstances, we help you establish policies that best meet liability needs and grow reserves.

Asset allocation for your industry
We are adept at integrating various balance sheet investment pools into a holistic asset allocation framework. A key determinant of our analysis focuses on the overall cost of debt and how it relates to underlying risk and return needs.

This process results in an asset/liability linkage approach. This addresses the total needs rather than evaluating each investment program from an individual perspective.

The types of asset pools involved in this analysis typically include:

  • Operating reserves
  • Funded depreciation reserves
  • Defined benefit pension plans
  • Insurance-related assets
  • Foundations

In addition, we also work with our healthcare clients’ defined contribution plans and deferred compensation plans. This level of service allows us to truly partner with you.

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