Hospitals and Healthcare

In today’s world, hospitals and healthcare systems are faced with increasing complexity and challenges. The drive to do more – provide more services, offer greater access, and expand facilities – puts pressure on financial reserves. We’re here to help with comprehensive guidance that encompasses all your unique circumstances.

Our hospitals and healthcare practice is experienced in advising large healthcare systems as well as regional systems and independent stand-alone community hospitals. And because every system and facility is unique, we offer tailored solutions and customization.

We know that your investment management needs are intertwined and require a multi-faceted approach to address:

  • Operating reserves
  • Funded depreciation reserves
  • Debt servicing
  • Defined benefit pension/defined contribution plans
  • Deferred compensation plans
  • Insurance-related assets
  • Foundations

We provide unbiased advice and deep experience that looks beyond the balance of assets and liabilities — ensuring adherence to liquidity requirements and debt covenants, while establishing risk-reward tolerance.  We work closely with your investment committee and management to generate ongoing financial viability and funding for capital expenditures.

The financial health of your system and hospital is our paramount concern. At Ellwood, we work diligently to keep it strong.

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