Endowments, Foundations, and Nonprofits

Using money for good. We can think of no better application of our guidance and skills than helping your organization achieve its mission. At Ellwood, we have more than 40 years of experience guiding endowments, foundations, and nonprofits in their quest to balance the foundation equation: meeting investment objectives with an asset allocation that complies with your investment constraints. 

Real growth after distributions

It is in this critical balance that our added value is readily apparent. We spend time with you, helping to establish investment objectives that take in the full picture—inflation, growth, expenses and distributions—to achieve the shared goal: real growth after distributions. Our asset allocation modeling isn’t static. We take the time to run multiple scenarios to evaluate how your objectives can be met.

We approach portfolio construction for endowments and foundations with a combination of quality traditional and alternative investments. We provide access to an array of private investment instruments including private equity, real estate, credit, real assets—and the growing field of sustainable investing. And with our substantial assets under advisement and extensive network, we are often able to coordinate access to various investment opportunities for our investors, reduce minimum investment levels, and assist in fee negotiations.   

Client-centered focus

Managing nonprofit funds requires a deep understanding of the many complex, non-investment variables. Ellwood partners with you on more than just managing your investment portfolios—we also gain a thorough understanding of the underlying operations of your organization and serve to educate your staff and investment committee.

Our ability to provide research that is current and comprehensible is an Ellwood hallmark. Ellwood’s consulting philosophy is to provide personalized service and customized solutions. We keep you apprised of changes in the markets, we proactively identify new investments, and we strive to help you capitalize on opportunities presented by the markets. We are flexible in the structure of our consulting relationships, and can work with your organization on either an investment consulting basis or as an outsourced CIO (OCIO). 

Real growth comes from expertise, experience and access. True trust comes from being fully aligned.

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