Performance Reporting

Performance reporting ensures goals are met
Our performance reporting is flexible to meet your specific needs and requirements. All Ellwood reports are fully customizable and are produced inhouse.

Monthly reporting

On a monthly basis we provide clients with portfolio updates. These updates assess performance during the month and provide portfolio asset values at month end.

Quarterly reporting

Every quarter we provide reports that can accommodate multiple levels of reporting ranging from high-level executive summaries to detailed reports for internal staff.

Our quarterly reports contain:

  • Current capital market environment review
  • Evaluation of total portfolio assets (including a comparison of actual asset allocation relative to policy targets)
  • Diversification by manager across investment styles, which assists in monitoring long term asset allocation targets
  • Total portfolio performance against benchmarks
  • Individual investment manager performance versus benchmarks

Quarterly surveillance

In addition to quarterly reporting, we have a quarterly surveillance program to analyze each manager’s decisions through attribution analysis. This surveillance provides a reference for which decisions helped or hurt performance.

We analyze up to the total asset class level. Using this analysis, we evaluate and manage any style biases relative to the asset class benchmark.

The surveillance program also reviews all notable changes to the organization, personnel, and manager’s investment process. These analytics allow us to understand each manager when evaluating their performance in the context of a specific market environment.

Our reporting monitors your best interests
This program is performed by our research teams and summarized in our client performance reports. If we see significant changes or causes for concern during performance reviews, we will inform you immediately and recommend changes if needed.

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