Outsourced Chief Investment Officer

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) is like having an in-house team
The OCIO solution is ideal for institutions or committees that understand their unique circumstances but lack the investment experience or time to manage their portfolio. Our experienced team of consultants understands the client’s perspective and has the research background to understand each asset class and its unique characteristics.

We manage your portfolio
With OCIO, we proactively make decisions for you. That means clients don’t have to wait until the next committee meeting to make a decision. Ellwood will:

  • Make investment manager and investment style decisions that fit within the scope of the client’s Investment Policy
  • Rebalance the portfolio back to policy targets with proactive asset allocation rebalancing
  • Carry out hire or fire manager decisions
  • Coordinate trading and monitoring by Ellwood’s OCIO trading sub-committee
  • Supply ongoing performance attribution to identify sources of value add

Our service is custom
Clients work directly with their consulting team to design a solution tailored to their needs. We do not take a one-portfolio-fits-all approach.

Supported decisions
Ellwood’s OCIO Committee supports each client’s consulting team by reviewing our OCIO client’s portfolio and trades. Plus, the committee will:

  • Seek potential tactical asset allocation opportunities
  • Discuss relevant trends within each research group
  • Find the most appropriate managers in each asset class
  • Review outstanding issues with current managers

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