Investment Manager Search

Investment manager searches for the best fit
Our consulting team identifies best-in-class managers that properly fit each portfolio based on return expectations, risk tolerance, and fees.

Maintaining independent databases
Ellwood maintains an internal database with over 4,000 investment management firms and 29,000 investment strategies. This database covers most investable asset classes.

We maintain a separate database for alternative investments, including hedge funds, private equity, real estate, and other real assets. As a result of our conflicts of interest policy, managers do not pay to be included in our database.

Creating an insight-driven list
Our consulting team uses this database and industry insight to create an approved manager list. This list allows consultants to create portfolios that meet your specific investment criteria. The approved list of managers contains a selection of strategies, investment philosophies and approaches.

Our approved list is fully vetted by our entire consultancy. Every manager on the list has passed a qualitative and quantitative review.

Selecting semi-finalists
From the approved-list, a group of semi-finalist managers are selected based on the asset class examined. We will also include client recommended managers in this analysis if directed by our clients’ investment committee or management and staff.

Analyzing manager track records
Each manager is subjected to a detailed review that is summarized in a written manager search report. This includes a qualitative analysis of:

  • Each manager’s firm
  • Investment professionals
  • Investment process

The report also has a detailed quantitative analysis of each investment strategy, including:

  • Characteristics
  • Performance
  • Peer universe rankings
  • Holdings-based performance attribution analysis

This review is designed to facilitate the selection of a finalist or a small number of candidates.

Facilitating an in-person evaluation
Upon selection of the finalists, we coordinate the interview process, as needed. We attend all interviews to help coordinate the information flow and participate in decision-making discussions.

Focusing the search on your needs
The entire focus of this search process is to provide the investment committee with an understanding of the necessities to select the best manager, including:

  • Performance data
  • Style
  • Process
  • Organizational insights

If requested, Ellwood will recommend a finalist manager. Once the finalist is selected, we facilitate the transition between old and new managers. We also assist in fee negotiations, where appropriate. 

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