Client Education

Client education that keeps your investors informed
Client education is a core component of our investment consulting service and integral for organizational alignment. We customize our education to keep all investors informed about the current market as well as new asset classes and investment styles.

Customized information
Every client has a unique perspective and background. That is why we tailor our education and communications. The result of this customized education is a conversation that leads to a higher level of understanding for all investors.

Our education process
At the beginning of every performance review meeting we provide an update on the current capital market environment. This time is our opportunity to educate committee members on the themes and factors driving the investment markets, as well as a broad review of recent market performance.

Providing timely education brings investment opportunities to your attention earlier. Investors become familiar with investments prior to introducing specific investment managers.

Communication and clarification when you need it
We provide targeted education for committee members or management who have specific requests for additional information on a particular issue. We conduct research internally and bring in an Ellwood consultant with specialized expertise in that area, as needed.

We provide our best thinking on important issues to board members, committee members, management, and staff. The topics we typically cover include:

  • Diversification
  • Spending policy
  • Asset allocation
  • Regulatory changes that might affect portfolio oversight or management

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