Real Estate

Enhance Real Estate Investments with Strategic Manager Research
Real estate is unique among asset classes. It enables opportunity for income enhancement, diversification, capital stability, and inflation hedging, which are not typically provided through other classes.

We recommend both public and private real estate strategies depending upon your needs and circumstances. Our real estate team is focused on:

  • Core
  • Value added
  • Opportunistic
  • Public REITs

Access to the managers who can bring success

Many managers follow real estate strategies that are capital constrained. Our research provides unconstrained access to best of breed managers across all real estate capital segments. By researching a diverse selection of managers and strategies, our recommendations consider more opportunities that best fit your growth goals.

Our team seeks managers with strategies that meet your investment goals. You need managers who understand both your real estate investment interests and how to work within that market focus. Learn more about our process.

Need help identifying your new real estate asset managers? Contact Ellwood.