Private Equity

In-Depth Private Equity Research for Long-Term Results
Private equity investments are held for a long period of time. These investments are also illiquid. As opposed to public equity, private equity investors should earn higher long-term returns.

Managers who can identify quality investment opportunities
The lower efficiency of private markets provides additional investment possibilities for skilled managers to exploit in order to work towards improving your chances for success.

These heightened opportunities for investments often lead to a high recurrence of outperforming managers in private equity. This is why we focus on vetting managers so that only those industry-leading professionals work for you.

Possibilities for growth need specific decisions
Given the market, you need to consider many aspects when deciding to invest in private equity, such as:

  • Direct managers vs. private equity fund of funds
  • Single strategy managers vs. multi-strategy managers
  • Type of investment
    • Venture capital
    • Buyout
    • Mezzanine
    • Distressed
  • Primary investments vs. secondary investments
  • Regional exposure (U.S. vs. global)

Private equity investments take time. You need sound experience and advice to guide decisions that affect your investments for a long period. Our team seeks only the premier private equity focused managers for your investment program. Learn more about our process.

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