Hedge Funds

Finding Skilled Hedge Fund Managers to Yield Greater Returns
Hedge fund management is more dependent on the skill of the managers than on the broad asset class returns. The importance of these individuals makes it imperative that you are working with the best management team.

Our team is focused on hedge funds
We have a team dedicated to hedge fund manager research to vet premier managers in the industry. Our hedge fund research team covers investment managers and strategies in the following groups:

  • Long and short equity direct hedge funds
  • Multi-strategy direct hedge funds
  • Hedge fund of funds

Considerations regarding hedge fund allocations

There are many decisions to be made when deciding whether to invest in hedge funds:

  • Direct hedge funds vs. hedge fund of funds
  • Multi-strategy managers vs. single strategy managers
  • Use of leverage
  • Directional managers vs. low volatility managers

Each of these decisions is reliant on the extensive knowledge of your fund manager. Our team only recommends managers who deliver results. Learn more about our process.

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