Manager Research

Manager Research that Drives Results

Manager Research that Drives Results

Manager research adds essential value to your portfolio. Our consultants assess your investments, goals, and constraints to identify manager candidates that fit your organizational requirements.

A broad approach with a clear perspective

We follow a generalist consulting approach. Our consultants conduct manager research using their experience with support from analysts. At Ellwood, our consultants work directly with you to best understand your requirements and goals. This approach allows a broad view on investment managers considering your perspectives and that of the research team.

Research teams with an in-depth knowledge base

Our manager research team is divided to provide meticulous focus on every asset class. This structure ensures that our consultants know the qualities of your investment portfolio and the specific traits of relevant investment managers.

Our team has two distinct areas of focus:

  • Traditional Manager Research
  • Alternative Manager Research

Both groups are further supported by teams focused on specific asset classes:

Working with every manager to find the best fit

The consultant making your recommendations also participated in the research and due diligence of every investment manager on our approved list of managers.

We vet every candidate before investing your capital. Our teams use qualitative and quantitative research to screen for managers that meet our exhaustive criteria for performance and investment style. This research includes multiple in-person and on-site meetings with managers. Once a candidate is found who is high performing and high-integrity, they are added to our list.

Independent decisions that benefit you

Our conflicts of interest policy allows for our research teams to make independent decisions without an investment manager’s influence. We seek managers with consistent long-term track records. Managers that have demonstrated inconsistency are avoided.

Through unbiased evaluation of manager and strategy options across the industry, our team maintains a dynamic list of best-in-class investment managers to serve any need you may have. It is from this list that we find candidates that are uniquely qualified to help you achieve your investment goals.

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