Conflicts of Interest Policy

Ellwood strives to conduct its practice without conflicts of interest

The purpose of our Conflicts of Interest policy is to avoid conflicts in order to provide only impartial advice. Ellwood strives to conduct its discretionary and nondiscretionary consulting practices without compromising independence or objectivity.

We have no financial affiliations with money managers or other service providers.  No one at Ellwood receives fees or gifts as a result of recommending providers or managers to clients.

Examples of our Conflicts of Interest Policy

The following are examples of our Conflicts of Interest Policy. It is not an exhaustive list of potential conflicts that may occur.

  • We do not offer products, research, or services to money managers, such as selling data, sponsoring conferences, or charging for inclusion in our research database.
  • We receive no compensation from money managers.
  • Ellwood will not offer itself as a candidate when conducting investment manager searches for clients.
  • We do not establish relationships with or provide services to any manager on our qualified list.
  • Employees do not accept gifts, tickets, or meals from any service provider or investment manager.
  • We do not have any financial arrangement with broker-dealers under which we would benefit from client placed trades.
  • Ellwood does not manage any commingled pools of capital.

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